PlusCBD CV Acute (Non-CBD Formula)

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Are you intrigued by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)—
But find yourself daunted by hundreds of plants combined in thousands of preparations?

We made it easy for you by combining three of the most well-studied plants for supporting the immune system:

the fruit of the forsythia
the flower of the honeysuckle
the root of the Baikal skullcap

This formula is intended as high intensity support when the immune system needs an extra kick - just consume the liquid herbal supplement three times daily, for three days. Don’t forget get to rest, stay hydrated, and talk to you doctor.

That’s it.
A super-protector based on an old tradition and verified by the latest scientific methods.

We’ve been stringent in our sourcing to make sure the plants meet CV Sciences’ strict quality standards: we conduct in house and third party analytical testing to ensure products are free of the heavy metals and other contaminants that can occur in lower quality herbal products.