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Frontier Turmeric Bag

Frontier Turmeric Bag

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Frontier Co-op Organic Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) is the rhizome (root) of turmeric, a flowering plant in the ginger family that is native to Southeast Asia and the Indian subcontinent. The rhizomes are extracted and used for various foods, especially in Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines. There has been a notable surge in the use of turmeric recently based on its wellness properties.

Our turmeric root is ground into a powder to both enhance the flavor and bring out a yellowish-gold color. Use in biscuit mixes, sauces, and mustard, or add some to enhance your latest baked dish. Turmeric also goes well with beans, eggplant, eggs, fish, meat, rice, and lentils. Its golden touch of color brings a bitter flavor to deliver that mustard-like appeal to your table. 

Frontier Co-op Organic Turmeric is sourced from India, Guatemala, and Nicaragua using organic and non-irradiated methods. Our ground Turmeric is also kosher. There are no artificial additives or chemicals used at any stage of growing and manufacturing. Try the premium quality Frontier Co-op herbs and culinary seasonings in convenient, re-closable packaging. Our stand-up bags are made to keep our products as fresh on the last day as they are on the first. Just scoop and reseal to lock in the freshness. These bags are resealable, sturdy, and great for easy storage and easy access. For best results, store in a cool, dry place.

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