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Dr. Harmony and her husband aim to make the safest ear candles on the planet. Focusing on improvements in safety and efficacy, they were the first to double wrap their candles with a comfortable pointed tip. They were also the first in company the USA to use a label to indicate when to extinguish the candle during use. To ensure the safety of their ear candles worldwide, they were the first also to implement a USA patented safety tip that also accelerates the vortex. Dr. Harmony's website continues to be a stopping place for ear candling education, history, and efficacy.

10`` long and approximately 1/2`` in diameter. They are made with unbleached muslin and food grade wax. This is a non-medical device that is not FDA approved.

-Made in the USA! Never a copy, or cheap imitation . . . and never imported from China.
-The longest running, single owner company in the United States. Handcrafted by single moms, homeschooling families and those with disabilities.
-Highest quality food grade wax available for the safest and cleanest burning candle on the market.
-The ONLY candle in the USA with a burn line label and directions, ensuring consumer safety.
-Carbon Neutral Footprint on the environment with biodegradable packaging and patented safety tips created from PLA (Corn Starch).