A Weekend Story

I started this yesterday, and, yesterday, was pretty crappy. I only had one sale yesterday for just under $13. So, yes, a totally crappy day that was really affecting my mood and making me start to spiral. It truly is difficult to keep motivated when you feel like all of your hard work doesn’t matter. However, a good night sleep and I’m ready to get through my Saturday. Luckily it is a short day and then my weekend begins. This weekend should be fun as I work on creating another dress, make some bread, and go for a couple of walks (one of those will be on the beach).

I also realized the other day that I have been in a customer facing position for almost 45 years. Yes, that makes me old. That also means that I have had a lot of experiences, good, bad, and hysterical. So, I wanted to take Saturdays to reminisce about those experiences. Let us go back to the beginning, 45 years ago, and I will tell you about the first time I got a really stupid question from a customer.

My first job was working at Wendy’s Old Fashioned Hamburgers when I was 15. I typed out the entire name as this is pertinent to the story.  At that time, Wendy’s was known for serving burgers, chili, fries, and frosties. There was nothing else. No chicken, no salads, nothing but burgers and chili. It was midday and a woman comes walking in the door, comes up to the counter, and asks, “Do you sell hamburgers?” Now, 15 year old introvert me said, “yes.” As an adult I have come up with all kinds of sarcastic responses because how do you walk into a burger place, that was all we did, and ask do you sell hamburgers. “No, we’re a hamburger place that doesn’t sell hamburger.” “Can you read the sign?” The list could go on and on. This was when I realized that people can be incredibly stupid. This applies to all of us. We can all be stupid at times, but, I can say, that I have really tried not to be this kind of stupid. It’s right up there with going to Dairy Queen and asking if they sell ice cream. Just sigh!

So, as you go through your day, your weekend, your life, try not to be the person to ask the question with the in-your-face, obvious answer. If you are on the receiving end of one of those questions, just remember we all have brain farts and keep the sarcasm to yourself. We don’t know her story, so make the burger and move on.

Enjoy your weekend, spend time with friends and family, do all the things you enjoy. Live your life to the fullest.


See you next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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