It's Been a Long Week

It’s Friday and I’m really tired today and to say this week has been crappy would be an understatement. So far, for the ENTIRE week, we have had $129 in sales. I don’t know if I should laugh, cry, sigh, wonder what the heck I’m doing here, all the above? Now, we do have 2 more days left, maybe people will surprise me? Who knows?

Let’s get back to the sleep issue because we all love to sleep. It makes us feel better. We can have a better perspective on life and get so much more done when we have had sufficient sleep. When you don’t get sleep, you’re crabby and every little thing can bother you, a lot. I think that is where I have been the last 2 days.

There are many reasons we may not be able to sleep: took too many naps during the day, too much blue light before bed, too much on your mind, pain, acid reflux, the list just goes on and on. What to do? Now that’s an even better question. Here’s a list of supplements that may help  and how they may help.

Melatonin-regulates our circadian rhythm (tells our body it’s time to sleep). If you are in front of a screen a lot before bed or work odd shifts, melatonin may be what you need.

L-theanine-promotes the alpha, or relaxing, brain waves. If your mind is constantly firing and you can shut it off, L-theanine may help. You can also use during the day for anxiety. It doesn’t make you sleepy, just shuts the brain off.

Chamomile-not only will this herb help you relax, but it has been shown to work as well as an OTC NSAID (go to Facebook or Tik Tok  to watch my 2 part video), and is comparable to using an antacid. This is a 3-‘fer, you get sleep, pain relief, and possible help with GERD all from one herb, WOO HOO!

Lemon Balm/Passionflower/Hops/Wild Lettuce- all herbs that promote relaxation and sleep

There’s even more, but we would really need to have further discussions to determine why you are not sleeping, and, sometimes, you just still don’t sleep well. That’s been my issue for the past 2 days. I just want more sleep. Luckily, the weekend is almost upon us.

I do know my stuff when it comes to supplements, it’s just trying to get that out to people so they come visit me and see if I can help them. Details….

For now, I will try and find enough to do so I don’t take a nap at the store.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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