About Us

Over 20 years ago I began my journey to better health.  I made the decision to expand my education from my B.S. in Chemistry/Business and add a Certification in Nutrition.  I wanted to take this knowledge and share it with

others so they could better understand how their bodies worked, what their doctors were telling them, and helping people get the knowledge they needed to make the best decisions for themselves in regards to their health.

In 2002, I began working at Burlington Health Foods in Burlington, Wisconsin and in 2013, purchased the business to make it my own and continue my mission.  Now, in 2022, we have taken Balanced You Natural Emporium to the beautiful state of Georgia and will continue to share my knowledge there. 

With this new adventure, we are planning on taking the store to the next level.

 You will already start to see that more educational content is provided through my Tea Talks and blogs.  My personal recipes will also be shared so you can use tried and true recipes for allergies or just better health. 

We will continue with our mission of creating a better planet by promoting Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.  We are determined to reduce our carbon footprint by reusing as many packing materials as possible and by promoting reusable bags and packaging.

Our next step will also include reaching out to local producers and upcyclers to form joint efforts to promote their products while maintaining our mission to protect the planet.

Please join us on our journey and subscribe to our emails and like us on Facebook and Instagram for up-to-date news and information.

                         Wishing you all
                       the best of health,
                        Susan Cwik, CN