A Day of Slimy White Goo

Susan Cwik

This Tuesday is the Monday of Tuesdays. I’ve gotten work done, a couple of customers came in. Things were going okayish, other than the continued lack of customers. Still working on that one. Things were going along just fine. Then UPS showed up. (Cue the music: Bum! Bum! Bum!)

 Now, normally, that is not a big deal. When I get a box I know that I have something to do. Yay, me! Today, when I opened that box I didn’t quite know what to think. Just who thought it would be a good idea to not put liquids inside a plastic bag? Someone, obviously. Imagine opening a box that is 17x12x13 inches. You take off the layer of bubble wrap on the top to see that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is covered in white goo. The bubble wrap is covered in it, the inside of the box is covered in it, and every product you ordered is slathered in slimy white goo! I was speechless. What could have caused this successful explosion of white goo?! Well, one of the 32 ounce bottles of lotion, my favorite, had somehow lost its pump top. It literally popped off of the bottle and was in a different part of the box. Now, imagine this box being handled by various transportation people. It appears as if it was flipped, bounced, rolled, and flipped some more before it was walked into my store. After weighing the bottle, there is less than 12 ounces left. Therefore, approximately 20 ounces of wonderful island coconut lotion has spread itself all over the 12 items within the box. They smell good but what a mess!

 I’m thinking to myself that I should request a credit because everything is ruined. I could clean it up but never truly get it clean. Normally, with this distributor, I would request the credit online but something told me that would be problematic. They would question why I want them to credit the entire order. Therefore, I took pictures and made a phone call. She was very nice, even though she had my old address and she was curious when I told her that this phone call was going to get more interesting. After laughing about what happened, she put through the credit and I sent off the pictures as the proof of the ruined shipment. Then the fun started with trying to get as much lotion off of things as possible. I took off my jewelry, grabbed some paper towels, some hand sanitizer (I needed the alcohol to get the grease off), and picked up one slimy item at a time to wipe it off. I now have the softest hands, arms, and legs in the city of Savannah. A couple of the items I ordered for me specifically, the rest have been offered up on a first come, first serve basis to whoever wants them. There is either still lotion that I can’t reach or the labels are destroyed so they are no longer sellable. At least I’ll get my money back and I have a story to tell.

 I don’t think this is the worst mistake that has ever occurred on an order, just the messiest. I think the best mistake was when a customer ordered a case of natural tampons and we received a case of chips. It’s not even remotely close to being a replacement. Sounds rather odd and painful to use. Sigh! To this day that one is a head scratcher as to why? how? someone picked chips for tampons.

 Anyway, that’s been my day. It’s been fairly quiet, still, but I have very soft hands.

 Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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