A Day of Ups and Downs

Susan Cwik

Today has been a day of ups and downs. We’ve all had those kinds of days. Whether you wake up in a bad mood and then your day gets better. Or, your day starts off just fine, gets worse, then, maybe, gets better again. They’re not typically bad days, or good days, just a day.

For most people it’s Tuesday, which is my Monday, and I woke up extra early fearing that the alarm wouldn’t go off even though I knew I turned it on last night. It just doesn’t matter in my brain. My brain was worried so I was awake, that was all there was to it. Thus, I am a little tired today. That does not help with the downs of the day.

I started off on a high with a mail order and knowing I would make some money from a sewing repair. I also had all of my prototypes done for the airbrush lady in our strip mall. If you’re not aware, we are partnering to created outfits from Dickie work shirts into outfits for kids. I didn’t know it was a thing but we’re going with it. They turned out really cute by the way.

My day was going just fine until after lunch. Now is when the tiredness starts to set in. I have just eaten and my body is quickly telling me that if I want to digest this delectable lunch I should nap. I say, “NO! I have things to do.” My body really wants to disagree and the fact that I haven’t had anyone in other than the cushion lady does not help. WHERE IS EVERYBODY?! With the tiredness comes the depression of no one coming in. I must mentally push those bad thoughts into the dungeon of bad thoughts. They are not allowed to interfere with my day that has been going well.

Luckily, the afternoon picked up just enough to make the time pass without me wondering what to do next. The next installment of Herbals A-Z got published. Go watch on the store Facebook page or you can find me on Tik Tok (You know that app that most people like and politicians hate? Yeah, that one. Go watch me try and educate people in 60 seconds or less.)

My friend, the airbrush lady, that is now her name to all of you, really liked my prototypes and we will be making actual outfits from the Dickie shirts next and I had another customer come in with her service dog. For whatever reason the dog considered me a little ‘sus’ but she also didn’t like my large stuffed Olaf that greets you when you come in. Not sure I trust this dog’s opinion if she’s afraid of Olaf.

Needless to say, my down quickly went back up. Things are ok, I keep trying to reach out to people and find new ways to get people through the door. Eventually, I have to believe, things will get better.

            Until next time,

                        Have a Healthy Day

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