A Little Luck and Manifesting

Susan Cwik

It’s Friday! Just one more day for me and it’ll be the weekend. It seems as if this week has been better. I’ve at least had more positive things happen with 2 people coming in for sewing services and some other sales. I’ve also been busy rearranging the store and getting some new product out. When I look at the numbers, it wasn’t really much better than last week, but I did have more to do. It is also nice to have these sewing projects as I make money from them but no product goes out the door. That means I have money to pay other bills and maybe invest in new product.

To that end, I have spent part of today advertising in different places that my sewing expertise is available to the community. I’m hoping that many people will want to utilize this service. It will definitely go a long way to getting to know more people in the community and keeping the doors open to the store as we try to get that more established. Sometimes it just takes looking outside the box.

It’s kind of fun when an idea seems to get traction right away. You feel like you are smart, like maybe you know what you’re doing. Just a smidgeon. You just need a little luck to be sprinkled in with an idea for it to truly take off. That’s where I’m at this week. My upcycled clothing is better seen from outside thanks to a new (free) clothing rack, more people know about my sewing services, and now I just need to have the universe smile down upon me with acceptance.

That does not mean that I just sit back and wait. It means that I will continue working to promote both the store, and my services, but that I could use a little of that luck that gets bestowed upon others. Just a smidgeon, just enough to help me continue on. I don’t think that’s asking too much.

So, planets please align properly, gods and goddesses, do your job, I need all the help I can get. I will do the physical work and manifesting, y’all provide the luck.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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