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It’s a really good thing I start these the day before I post them. Yesterday was just awful and the original blog was a real downer. With a little time away, my perspective can change a bit.

This blog is really becoming my therapy and you, the reader, are my therapist. Aren’t you thrilled? To learn about all of my ups and downs and you get to decide how crazy I am. As I said, yesterday was a horrible, no good, very bad day. I quickly spiraled down and went home to have my pity party. I always say to have your pity party, just don’t let it go on for too long. So, today, I pick up where I left off and start trying some new things.

I only had one person come in the store yesterday, and, of course, they didn’t buy anything. However, it was an interesting conversation. She is 41 and is starting to notice different things happening in her body. Not being able to sleep, the weight just doesn’t want to come off, being warmer, basically, all the symptoms of peri-menopause. I think this still catches most women off guard. Many of us are still of the mindset that this only happens to old women, and we’re not old yet. So what do we do?

You could go to a doctor, but my experience is that they really don’t know much. Women’s health is not a priority. The next step is to try and treat yourself. You could go a couple different routes. Find a supplement that covers many of your symptoms, or piecemeal it with various single supplements. One option is Vitex (chaste berry). One of my customers called this her crazy pill. It kept her from going crazy by keeping her hormone levels balanced. For me, it was always the mood swings. At a certain time of the month, you could just look at me and I would get angry at you. Not upset, down right angry. That thing you did 6 months ago that wasn’t an issue is now a criminal offense. Check with me in a couple of days and I would have forgotten all about it. What is it about our hormones that make some women a Dr. Jeckyl/Mr. Hyde? To combat this I would use L-theanine, an amino acid that promotes relaxing brain waves. It doesn’t make you sleepy, just calm, and you won’t scream at people just because they are in front of you.

There are so many products out there that can make life as a women a bit easier. Magnesium for menstrual cramps, protein for just about everything, DIM to help reduce estrogen levels, and so much more. I am just a font of information that no one, so far, has utilized. Many people have taken advantage of my information, but we don’t talk about them. You know who you are. You ask a million questions and go buy your product online for less. You’re like Bruno, we don’t talk about you.

If you would like more information on this topic, or any other, just hit me up. You can walk through the door, email me, call, text, DM through Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok. Pick a platform and just reach out.  

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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