A Story About Being Nice

Susan Cwik

It’s Saturday Story Time!!

For this story we will go way back in time. Back when I was a customer service rep for an electrical components manufacturer.

If you read yesterday’s blog you will know that I am just a nice person. If you haven’t read it, you should go back and read it, along with all the other blogs you haven’t read. Just sayin’. This all pertains to today’s story.

It’s always been said that you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Meaning you can win people over with kindness and polite requests rather than with negativity and rude demands. This just seems second nature to me. I also have a fondness for baking; however, I don’t want to eat it all. While I had this office position, it was the perfect opportunity to bring in baked goods whenever I got in the mood to bake. Everyone loved it when I did and I was able to create many positive relationships by doing so. By the way, I never did this intentionally. I just like to bake and make people happy.

One day, I had to take a call from another reps account as she was on vacation. They had a very difficult issue and really needed their products ASAP, like yesterday. So I looked into the issue, kept them apprised at every step, worked very closely with engineering, manufacturing, and shipping, and got them their materials sooner than any of us expected. This happened because I made positive relationships with people and never got mad at them. We just tried to do our best for our customers. To me it seemed like just a normal event. What I didn’t expect was the appreciation from the customer. About a week later I received a $50 gift card for Nieman Marcus. Now, that was a complete surprise. This was also back in the late ‘80’s so you could actually buy something from Nieman Marcus for $50. Just goes to show that doing a good job can have rewards, literally.

I continue to follow these same work ethics in everything I do. You will get the best customer service I can give you. If you bring me a sewing repair item, I will fix it to the best of my ability. Whatever it is, I will do my absolute best. Give me a chance and see how I can help you.

Now to tie this all up in a nice, neat bow. Just be nice for the sake of being nice. It doesn’t hurt anyone, you’ll feel good about yourself, and you never know what will happen because of it.

Until Next Time,

                Have a Healthy Day!

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