Baking, Sewing, Struggles, Conundrums, Oh My!

Nothing like a couple of days off to reset the brain. I usually like to spend my weekends with creative and physical endeavors. This weekend did not disappoint. It was a bread and sewing weekend.

Made my traditional low carb bread as we were almost out and made another batch to turn in to burger buns. This is just a staple in our house. I would rather eat fresh baked goods than buy them any day of the week. I just find homemade bread, cookies, etc., to be more satisfying and then I eat less.

Once the baking was done, it was time to get creative. I like to upcycle clothes. I take that back, I LOVE to upcycle clothes. It’s my way of looking at no longer used items and seeing how they can be created into something new. I also have enough talent to look at a pattern and go, “How can I do this differently to get a different effect?” That was the project of the weekend. Let’s take a polka dotted sheet, and a solid colored sheet and turn them into a very cute, what looks like, a layered dress. It may look layered, but it’s not. It’s these types of hobbies that help clear my mind and let my creative juices flow. They say that to keep your mind sharp, you should challenge yourself mentally. These creative sewing projects definitely do that for me.

Now you add all that creativity with a walk on the beach and a meditation walk in a park with others, and it was a full weekend. The meditation walk was interesting for me as I am not one to normally meditate, let alone walk and meditate. I feel like I did learn a few things, and met a couple new people. It was during the conversations afterwards that make me want to talk about a major frustration I am having at the store.

Both stated that they were excited that there was another health food store in Savannah. Currently, there is only one downtown and we are way on the south side of Savannah. They further said that another store was desperately needed.  I have heard this from others, but, at the same time, I’m like, “Really, ‘cause I just can’t get people in the door.” The other end of that are all the people who have come in, stated, “they are so glad I’m here, I have a great selection, but I’m not going to buy anything today. I’ll be back.” In the beginning, this was always great to hear. However, 99% of those people never came back. I am always incredibly nice, helpful, answer all their questions, you name it, I have done it. Somehow, there is something that I just do not understand, and I’ve been doing this a long time. Is it just Southern politeness? How do you try and understand when, given all appearances, people are happy you are here? It’s a conundrum.

I just keep plugging on. Being who I am; I am honest, friendly, caring, and am willing to listen. I continue to reach out, as well as an introvert can, and let people know I’m here. Signage, social media, making videos of myself (that’s semi terrifying), and being nice to every single person who walks through the door. I’m just trying to make a dream come true, one struggle at a time.

Now it is time to stop boring  you with my struggles and it’s time to bore myself with things like paperwork. Just so much fun! Now, go out there and enjoy your Tuesday!

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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