Flyin' Off the Good Vibes

Susan Cwik

I’m just flying off of all the good vibes from yesterday. When I told my husband about the possible partnership he was all for opening the store today so I could go to Goodwill Outlet, where you buy things by the pound, and get some shirts to work on to figure this out. I made one more stop at Joann’s to pick up a couple of patterns that were on sale to use as guides. He took everything home to wash it and now I just have to wait to work on it. Sigh! I just want to do now ‘cause it’s an exciting venture. I’ll post pictures once I get some prototypes done.

Ding, ding, ding, ding…… My phone is going off like crazy! Not a phone call, more like a notification but it sounds like it got stuck. When I went to open it up I noticed I had a google notification, which is weird. Yes, I do have a gmail account because I have to, I just never use it so to have a notification is weird. Low and behold, some lovely person just left me a 5-start review. If anyone else out there would like to so do, please feel free. It was like winning at the slot machines at Vegas. Just all the funny little sounds to let me know I have a review, and a good one at that. No flashing lights, but that’s ok.

Back to earlier. While I was going to get my practice shirts, my husband had a woman come in to talk about some things. He had some answers but recommended she come back later. During their conversation he found out that she lives by the store, and thus by us, and her daughter runs the cross fit place next to where my mom lives. I just found that to be interesting and it will be a good intro when we go by there to drop off some of our info cards. Definitely makes for a good segway into conversation. The beautiful thing was she actually did come back. We talked through some of her issues and she made a nice purchase. I haven’t had anyone else come in but she was awesome and now I have a review from someone else. I’ll call that a good day.

Now to just finish up my day. Other than the usual, I have some travel planning as we have a couple of natural product conventions coming up and have to figure that all out. Most of it is done, now it’s time for all the little stuff.

With that I say, “adieu.”

Until next time,

            Have a Healthy Day

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