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Susan Cwik

Well, I’m super tired today and my heartburn is blazing but I’m here for another day. Time to pick myself up, find the glitter, try not to be too hard on myself or be negative, and realize that I am a wonderful and intelligent person. You know, we’re supposed to feel all of those positive things but without the external affirmations, it’s hard. We’re programmed to just put on a happy face and be positive and happy. The reality is much harder. So for all my fellow people who are struggling, know you are not alone, and when you put on that happy face that everyone expects, remember you are special for just having gotten up and plastered that happy look on your face.

I am at the store today to try and get somethings done and work towards getting more people to know about us. I do have to take a break today to go for my ‘Wellness Check’ with my doctor. This is that appointment where you don’t ask any questions, just let them talk, don’t mention any concerns or they will code it differently and it will no longer be the free “Wellness Check.” Sigh! This is the state of our healthcare in this country. Absolutely EVERYTHING is billable. Our healthcare system is only for the sick, not for keeping you from getting sick. It is also only for whoever can afford it. These are all reasons people go to health food stores. It’s the only place where you can get advice, usually free, on how to maybe improve your health. There can be real value in the long run to come and talk to someone like me who has studied the product and understands how it is used in the body.

Little self-promotion here: You can go to our Facebook page and there is an herbal video library under Reels. You can also find them on Tik Tok under susancwikcn or SusanCN.

I will also be able to share with people my experience with the product or that of one of my many past customers. Seeing as our government does not allow human clinical trials of supplements for disease, they can only be done on healthy people, we must work off of studies done in other countries and anecdotal evidence. Sharing is Caring!

Which brings me to my next topic: Do we share too much? Does social media allow for too much sharing of ideas, thoughts, and just weird miscellaneous stuff?

There are those who hate social media and think it is the downfall of our society, that we share too much that we should keep private. No one needs to know about the wart on your great aunts shoulder that caused her to go to the hospital and then she ended up having her gall bladder removed. Yet, by sharing that story you can help someone else avoid a medical calamity. This is a true dilemma.

As for privacy, what’s that? We gave that up a long time ago. If someone really cares that I go walking on the beach every week or can see what cookies I’ve made for the month, they are welcome to know. I do not have any state secrets. Also, just because I say out loud something about, let’s say, blood sugar, does not mean I want ads on products for blood sugar. So all those that are listening, and you know who you are, I will ignore your ads every single time.

Needless to say, in my opinion, sharing things is important as it may help someone else and privacy is for the birds. Actually they don’t get any either with all the people with binoculars and cameras. Anywho, share what you are comfortable with and go live off the grid if you want true privacy.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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