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Susan Cwik

Well, today has been interesting so far. Just got back from a weekend of finishing another dress, being a tourist guide, and just getting things done around the house. This morning I continued my journey to fix my stomach.

For those that don’t know, I deal with chronic heartburn that cannot be controlled with medication, diet, etc. I have a hiatal hernia and it’s time to get it fixed. With that in mind I had the utmost fun this morning as I got to snort lidocaine up my nose to numb my esophagus just so they could insert a very long probe in through my nose and down my esophagus. So much like fun, not! Now, just sit there and breathe, don’t swallow, just breath. If I did swallow I could feel the probe and it kind of hurt. If that wasn’t fun enough, the nurse would squirt saline water into my mouth so I could give her a big swallow. Just one, don’t do a double swallow. We did this eleven times as I did do a double swallow one time. Then, the ultimate in fun, she pulls the probe out of my esophagus and nose. By now the lidocaine is wearing off and you can feel the entire thing come out. All of this while being extremely tired and hungry. I’m not sure if I could come up with a more fun way to spend my morning. Anyway, now we wait to hear from the surgeon. Hopefully I can get this resolved soon.

As for everything else, I had a couple of customers who spent some decent money. Thank you very much. No sewing requests but that’s okay. I have a couple of projects to finish up this week and there’s always tomorrow. I’ll be creating the flyer tomorrow to pass along to the strip mall and hopefully that will bring more business. I just have to keep trying.

In the meantime, I have some product to put out and try and figure out how to bring more product in. Always an endless cycle. It’s all about priorities. To weigh replacing product with bringing in new items that may be fun and exciting. For larger stores they would use a point of sale to help with this process and, yes, I have one of those. I also have this weird brain that actually remembers what I sell, what people are asking for, and where I get it all. With over 3000 skus you would think that would be an overwhelming thing, but my brain says, “No, you can remember this.” It’s really amazing what our brains can do for us, when they want to work properly. It’s kind of like technology, it’s great when it’s working and really crappy when it’s not. Unfortunately, we can’t just reboot our brain. There’s no power button to turn off and then turn on again. No stick drive to be plugged in to download those things that we want to remember later.

So, what can we do to help our brain? Exercise, doing puzzles, reducing stress, and getting sleep are all great starts. When it comes to supplements there are so many choices.

Lion’s Mane:  May help with growth of new neurons and improve memory

Bacopa: May improve speed processing and improve memory

Panax Ginseng: Has been shown to reduce brain fatigue and improve performance

Ginkgo biloba: Has been shown to improve memory and mental processing

These are just a few that could be taken individually or as a combination product. If you have more questions about this topic, feel free to reach out to me via email, phone, text, just however you might want to reach out.

My brain is ready to go home, have some dinner, and start another sewing project.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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