Manifesting or Jedi Mind Trick?

You will read this. You will like reading these blogs so much that you will just keep coming back for more. Because you love reading my blogs, thus, you love me, and you will share things about my store and business will get better.

That is manifesting!!

Or a Jedi mind trick.

Or both.

Either way, I need to constantly stay busy if I am to stay positive. So far, this week, I have had things to do. Processed a couple of orders, got some new product, y’all should really come in and check this stuff out. It’s really exciting!!!!! Then, of course, there is the mundane stuff of paying bills, reconciling accounts, social media, and this creative writing project. All of this is done with music in the background ‘cause otherwise I would be stuck in my head and no one wants to be stuck there, trust me.

A fun fact about me is my love for musical theater. I grew up with Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Barbara Striesand, just all those lovely people creating musical brilliance. My daughter took that love and put it on steroids. She loved theater so much that I ended up directing a show and before you knew it, I had started a youth theatre, because of her. Luckily, as we lived so close to Chicago, we were able to attend many a musical. If I had to guess, it would be well over 100 shows.

What does this have to do with anything? It doesn’t.  Does it advance the store? No, but it can tell you a little about me and, I think, it’s entertaining.

So, when you walk into my store you will hear music. What kind of music is up for grabs; a lot of Pop, some R&B, a little Rap, Country, and Musical Theatre. It’s a crap shoot.

I think that music can inspire us, heal us, energize us, and entertain us. It fills that spot in our soul to make us complete. So, turn it up, play it loud, and dance wherever you are.

Life is a Musical!

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!



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