Midweek Thoughts

Susan Cwik

I’m halfway through the week and just trying to figure out how to move forward. Yesterday was a day I do not care to repeat. Today we have CSA order pickups and I’m guaranteed to see people later in the day for our monthly book club. It wasn’t a book I cared to read. I read the prologue, was so creeped out I skipped to the end to find out how it ended. Just too gross for my tastes. Anyway, I enjoy the conversations and I brought cake.

Going back to yesterday, I did have some interesting interactions at the end of the day.

Around 5:00 a woman came in to learn more about the CSA that delivers here on a weekly basis. That’s all fine and good. She spent time as I explained how it all worked, gave her a brochure, and informed her that she could sign up online through the CSA website. The problem came when I was finished explaining, she just rushed out the door with a, “I’d look around but I’m really busy.” She wasn’t busy while I was explaining how to sign up for the CSA. I wasn’t even forcing her to stay. She just rudely left while saying that. It kind of set me off as she so suddenly left, like she didn’t want to feel forced into buying anything. Now, I’ve never forced anyone to shop in my store or feel that they have to buy something. I mean, I would love for them to find things they want to buy. What business owner wouldn’t? You just don’t have to be rude about leaving after you’ve asked me a million questions that do not even pertain to my business directly. Anyway, she made me mad enough to come up with a flyer that I can put in with everyone’s CSA order promoting my store.

Next up was a much nicer young woman with a hemming project for me. That is one of my new tactics to get people to, at least, walk in the store. She was very nice, it was a very simple project (for me), and it’s all done, waiting for her to pick up. Now, the CSA lady got me thinking that I should also have a flyer to put in all the sewing orders that I will be doing. Just gotta promote the store at every turn. Thus, one was created and placed in her bag. Now, I just have to promote these sewing services again. They say you must tell people something seven times before they remember.

The best part of yesterday, and today, was the overnight online order. At least I made $46 with that. The one CSA order pickup today was the same woman who comes in for the last 3 weeks and, repeatedly, tells me she’ll come back another time to look around. At this point, I’m not expecting her to ever look around. Yes, I’m a bit cynical.  

(A little Shaboozey break with “A Bar Song-Tipsy”)

That was a fun song. Now, where was I? Where would I like to be would be a better question. Because where I am and where I want to be are two different things. A little help and a lot of luck might get me there. Obviously working my tail end off isn’t enough. For now, I guess I’ll figure out more ways to reach out to people ‘cause I ain’t got nothin’ else, and, later, I’ll have good conversation and cake.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!

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