Needing Some Fresh (and Cheap) Ideas

Susan Cwik

Do you ever have a day when things are just fine, no real problems, you go home and things are actually going well, then, all of a sudden, you start to feel depressed? Well, that was me last night. It is now Wednesday and I’m trying real hard not to have that feeling take over my day. I have no idea where it came from and it can just take itself outside for a long walk away from me. I have no time for that nonsense.

 Now, I could use some help as someone who is usually by themselves and on their own in this venture. What things can I do that don’t require me to be away from the store, don’t cost a lot, and actually reach people? That’s a lot to ask for but I’m running out of ideas. I post daily to various social media platforms, send out emails, and will soon have cards to distribute to various businesses. Heck, I’ve even posted on a neighborhood page that I have free supplements to give away from the disaster of yesterday, but, so far, no one has come in to get them. It’s not even like they are bizarre supplements. It’s really sad that I can’t even give stuff away. What does that say for the environment that I am in. Yet, I had a gentleman come in yesterday looking for clove essential oil and was told I was the only place he could find it. What the heck! It’s just mind numbing so if anyone has any ideas of things to try, let me know, they just have to follow the parameters from above.

 I do have a touch screen computer that, maybe, I could figure out how to put in the window and have health videos playing on it. The trick is figuring out how to get it to not fall over. Hmmm…….

 I’ve offered free coffee and tea with no takers. I still don’t understand that no one around here wants free stuff, or have they just never been exposed to just nice people who are willing to share. I don’t know.

 I’ve brought product to the stores in the strip mall so others can try things out and never hear back on it. I have kept it to something pertinent to the business like hand cream for the nail salon, collagen for the barber shop and hair salon, etc.

 Maybe if I stand on my head, a little soft shoe on the sidewalk, or, my daughter’s favorite, just pull them in by the ear. Possible assault charges, but it could work. Right?!

 Who wants to see my husband out at the corner with a sign telling people to shop here? He could be waving at people, doing a dance, flippin’ that card in all directions. That could be fun.

 I just need to come up with something that will finally crack this nut and get people in. Anyway…..

 Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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