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Susan Cwik

I’ve had such another good week that I forgot to mention that my informational cards have started to be distributed. Just another step in getting the word out that we exist. I’ve had the idea for a while but the implementation of said project was another story. I was stuck on the idea that I needed someone else to go out and pass them out. This was not working as no one wanted to be the one to help distribute them. Sigh! Then I remembered all the times that my daughter and I went around getting posters for the youth theater to be put up all over town. It was me driving and her going in to all places. Exhausting, just not as exhausting.

So, I made of list of natural practitioners and gyms in a certain area and informed my husband that he would be a chauffeur for a day. It was going to be his job to drive around, drop me off at the door, and take me to the next place. It was also his job to feed me when I got hungry at 1:00. We covered a lot of ground, I met some really nice people, and they were all excited to hear that we have a store on the south side of Savannah. It was a really good day and I hope that I start to have more people come in for products. I’m already planning on doing this again for nearby areas to let more people know I exist.

As an introvert, it’s really hard to put yourself forward like that. You are always afraid of rejection. Your brain just tells you that no one likes you or cares that you exist. It’s a thing that every introvert must deal with. My daughter came across something that is helpful for all of us introverts. Remember that everyone you don’t know likes you unless they tell you otherwise. Even with that knowledge, the first couple of stops were fraught with apprehension. I absolutely HATE cold calling. I had a job like that once and I was miserable. However, I walked through the first door, introduced myself, said a little about why I was there and the staff was just so excited. One person even hopped up from their desk to come learn more about our store. Reactions like that really helped me continue on.

I felt really good at the end of that day. I got past my fear, included my husband in this venture, and met some really nice people. There is hope for us introverts to get out there and get what we want. It’s just a matter of overcoming our fear and realizing that everyone likes us unless they say otherwise. In this case, assuming the best is for the best.

Now it’s time to get the next list together and get the rest of my work done for the day. Thank you again for listening to me, it is truly appreciated.

            Until next time,

                        Have a Healthy Day

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