Phone Companies-Need I Say More

Susan Cwik

Today has been a lot of everything. I have had some customers so that’s great. Most of today has been dealing with phone companies as we transfer 4 lines from one carrier to another. I can now hear your groan because I know you understand my pain. This is never a simple process no matter what they say. You try and follow their instructions and somehow, within minutes, you are trying to get through to tech support.

We all know the drill. Dial the number, listen to the fake AI person and try and answer the questions, she does not want to send you to an agent, why would anyone want to talk to an actual person to resolve an issue? That’s just silliness. Of course, I’m one of those weird people who likes to talk to other people so I just keep asking for an agent and finally get through. Now, I should mention that all of the phone lines were set up on a business account and all of our paperwork reflected that. When calling tech support, I called the number listed on the business account paperwork. After spending at least 5 minutes talking to someone who I could not understand, she realized that this was a business account and we would need to be transferred. Huh? Like I said, I called the number from the paperwork for our business account.

So, we got transferred to someone else. From here we learned we needed to call the carrier we were moving from to get a transfer code. Called back to the carrier we are moving to and found out that now we also needed the account number for the previous carrier. Of course, since this is a business account, that information is at the business. It is now time to leave for said business and open the doors, so I plan on leaving and letting my husband finish this up at home. I barely get in the car to find out my mom is waiting for me at the store. Sigh! Now I’m in an extra rush. Not only was she there, but my brother who lives over 1000 miles away was there too.

Once we did all the hellos and they left, it was time to get back on the phone to finish this process. Another AI phone call to get to an agent later and we’re back in business. At this point it only took another 30 minutes to get 3 of the 4 lines transferred over. The fourth line I would have to do later on a video chat with my daughter. This happened after lunch with one more AI phone call. Luckily, this last phone transfer was rather quick. We had it done in about 10 minutes. Large amounts of sighing at this point to relieve the stress and tension.

Now to get on with my day. The usual stuff occurred. Today’s video was on holy basil. If you haven’t gone to see any, you really should. It was a good herb to discuss as today was rather stressful. Blogging, of course, has happened. Chair dancing and/or dancing through the store. Yes, all of these things have happened. I even had my neighbor stop by as she wants me to design a water bottle holder that can also hold a phone, keys, and money/ID. I’ve started the design and will figure it out eventually. It just takes time.

For the rest of my day I get to make sure I’m logged into everything on my 2 phones and decompress from all the excitement of the day. I might even go for a walk as we are in the throws of summer. Here in Savannah that means in the 90’s every day with a chance of showers. It never changes which is just fine. Hope everyone is having a stupendous day.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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