Positive Mindsets are Important

Tuesdays are probably my best mental health days, at least in the beginning of the day. I’ve just come off of a weekend where I usually have fun doing other things, and living in a tourist town definitely helps to find other things to do. This weekend I spent more time sewing, imagine that. This time it was creating something for someone who doesn’t realize they need this something. I know that is cryptic, but sometimes, things must be kept to oneself. Needless to say, it was something new and definitely a challenge.

The only other item on my agenda was a walk on the beach and that exceeded my expectations. We decided to head to our favorite spot for a sunset and found four shrimping boats there. Woo hoo for us! Shrimp boats mean that there is an extra show going on. It was truly fascinating watching the myriad of birds move in flocks from one ship to the next. The pelicans were especially fun as they followed one boat in, pretty much, a line like they were following the pied piper. Then to see the squadron of pelicans hover above the water, not quite touching but so very close, as they would move from boat to boat in front of the kayakers on the water, just amazing. However, the best show of all were the dolphins, there were so many dolphin. Pods of dolphin just bobbing up and down looking for scraps from the boats. Many dorsal fins were seen but we also saw them diving with their tails following their descent back into the river and the spray of the water as they came up for air. Now, put this scene with the backdrop of the changing colors of the setting sun and it was truly magical.

This is the scene that I will carry with me this week as I work to build customer support in the store. It is the positivity that this scene presents along with the amazing natural world we live in that will help keep me positive and moving in the direction I need to.

With that said, it is time to embrace the day, get things done, and work towards my goal of a successful health food store in Savannah, Georgia.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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