Positivity Challenges


Fourth times a charm? I’ve attempted to write this three times already and am having a hard time putting it together.

This Thursday started out just fine. Had our second CSA delivery, a rep came in to do a staff training and talk to the buyer. Luckily for her, me, myself, and I were all present. It’s always nice to talk to someone, learn new things, and maybe get some samples to try. The downside to the day was early when another person came in gushing about how the store is so wonderful, but they’re not going to buy anything today, they’ll be back another day. I have heard this sooooooooo many times. I just put on my nice face, thank them for stopping in and hope to see them again soon. Have a nice day! In my brain; “don’t let the door hit you on the way out!”

This leads me to today’s topic of positivity. How to stay positive in the face of adversity, challenges, and rudeness? If I truly knew the answer, I’d make a million dollars. Instead, here are my thoughts.

Many of us can have a great start to a day and one little thing will happen to just send it the other direction. It is not always this extreme, but for today’s discussion, it will be. We just cross paths with the wrong person, something is said that triggers the past in our brain, and we can go from being upset or annoyed and quickly spiral down the dark rabbit hole of despair. Now we get the great opportunity of figuring out how to get out of it. It is a HUGE struggle! This is when the phrase “pick yourself up by your bootstraps,” comes into play. It is the metaphorical kick yourself in the butt, force yourself to look at life differently, find even the smallest speck of glitter, and, maybe, just get fighting mad.  Own your emotions, have your pity party, and, most times, force yourself to move on.

Eventually, your positivity will return. You will either remove yourself from the situation, write it down to get it out, like I’m doing here, and/or run across someone else that can trigger that positivity. This is all great!

However, what can send us hippity, hoppity back down the rabbit hole of despair is if we run into any toxic positivity. Remember each of our journeys is different and we all follow a different bunny trail. If anyone starts in on how they just did this, that, and the other thing and if you just did that too you would find peace, wealth, and happiness, RUN, don’t hop, down your bunny trail. It’s great that they have achieved success on their journey. You are not them and they don’t have the right to dismiss your journey and emotions.

Words matter and I know it’s difficult to tell you to be aware of what you are saying 24/7. We can, however, speak and write with intention. Try to acknowledge that other people are not you. What works for you is not going to work for others and you espousing it in an otherworldly way is actually rather dismissive of others. We are all different and need to work together to figure out what works for all of us.

Find your balance, find your joy, put on your best bunny gear and start hopping down that wonderful path of life.

It’s time for this bunny to get on with her day.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!



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