Saturday Story Time

It’s Saturday so it’s time to belly up to the counter for a shot, a greens shot. Being a retailer in a health food store has always been interesting. I’ve always said, “With the way people tell us their problems, we really need to have them belly up to the bar and serve a shot of greens.” I think we have heard it all but I’m sure there is even more out there that we have not heard.

I’ve been blessed with learning about people’s bowel movements, men asking about sexual enhancement products asking if I’ve ever tried them (“No, but this one sells well.” Said awkwardly.), and so much more. I mean, I’m here to help. However, there is such a thing as over sharing.

One day a woman came in and, at first, started talking to my daughter looking for some aloe vera. She was being a little guarded in what she was saying she was looking for. My daughter has always looked much younger than she is, so, we are guessing this woman wanted to speak with someone more mature and older looking. Thus, I jumped in on the conversation as well. Well, now the dam just broke and we got to hear everything and, I mean, EVERYTHING! She wasn’t looking for aloe vera per se. She wanted an intimate lubricant.  The reason why: her partner just likes to go on and on and on, for like 4 hours at a time and it would get really dry down there. She was just raw and really needed help.  (I’m typing this laughing and shaking my head.) My daughter told me later that she was thinking, “You should probably consult your doctor if he’s going on for 4 hours at a time.” She just kept going on and on telling us all about her sex life and just wouldn’t stop. Hmm, I see similarities here. She was happy to have found someone to listen to her tale of woe and just kept repeating the story. It was a lot of TMI (too much information) that we just really did not need to know. However, this is now ingrained in my brain. She did eventually get her lubricant and, hopefully, things got better for her.

I have often felt like I should just be a ‘healthy’ bartender for all the people who need help and just want to talk. After all, we all just want to be heard and get a little empathy. If I can suggest a product that will help, that’s even better. Just remember to follow the KISS principle. Keep It Super Simple. Try not to overshare because we are not health care practitioners, just people with a little knowledge to try and help you out.

Now that you have spent some time in my world, go out in yours and live your best life. See friends, family, and enjoy the world around us.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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