Saturday Story Time-Showing Respect

Susan Cwik

It’s Saturday story time and we’re gonna continue on some of the weird things that we have heard at the store. Now, this did not happen to me, but to my daughter about 3 years ago during Covid. I’m gonna go with that these boys were just bored and wanted something to do. Me thinks they need to find better things to do.

 A 16-18 year old boy came in with his brother (maybe a year or two older). As I stated earlier, this was during Covid, and, as they came in maskless, she asked them for their vaccination records. They stated that their mom had them and continued walking in. The older boy then asked if we have penis enlargement pills or horny goat weed.

 With this alone, you know the interaction will be interesting, creepy, and a lot annoying. We continue on.

 She told him, “NO!” rather firmly. His reply, “Well fine! Guess no sex for me for a while! God I'm so horny!”  Then walked out the door. Really?! This is how you behave in public. She’s pretty sure she was getting punked as that is just not how most of our customers, even the creepy ones behave. Lastly, if you’re that horny, you don’t need the products listed above. You are just not having those type of issues.

 Needless to say, how we behave matters. Show a little respect. People are not working for your amusement, they are trying to do their jobs and actually help people. If you can’t respect them at least respect yourself.

 Actually, keep acting like weirdos because it makes great fodder for blogs like this. LOL

 Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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