Saturday Storytime-Nice People

Susan Cwik

We all have those people that have made a difference in our lives and today I just wanted to talk about a couple of customers that have made a difference in mine. Instead of hearing about the “Karen’s”, let’s talk about the nice people.

To begin with, there was this well-seasoned couple who were just a hoot! The wife was much like a cat that her husband needed to rein in whenever they went out as  she was just excited to see and she would forget what she was there for. He was the one with the list to keep both of them on track. They were just always happy, ready to talk, and share a laugh. It was a sad day when we found out the Mr. had passed away. We ended up not seeing the Mrs. as much after that, and, when we did, she just did not have that sparkle in her eye. They showed that true love is a powerful thing and should be protected and revered.

Another customer we had a tremendous fondness for was Mr. Sarcastic. He was truly just a nice person with a very sarcastic attitude. He fit right in with my daughter and I. He’d always walk in with, “Oh, it’s you!” We’d respond with, “well, were happy to see you too.” If anyone was in the store when he came in it was interesting. The other people were probably wondering what was going on with everyone being kind of mean, in a nice way, to each other. It’s just what happened. He’d also always leave with a, “Have a rotten day!” We knew he meant the opposite and we would just laugh. It was a very sad day when we heard he had left this earth. No more would people be receiving of his kindness wrapped up in sarcasm.

Our last super nice customer was a very nice elderly gentleman who always came in, bought all top tier supplements, and always overpaid. He did this intentionally. Whoever was there, he would just pay a few dollars over the amount due and tell them to keep the change for their break. He did this all the time and was just the nicest person. To find out that he had cancer and then to pass away was heartbreaking. He was just a genuinely nice person who wanted to help and respect everyone.

So, in this day and age of always seeing the negative, I share this to show the positive and that there are nice people out there who make a difference in our lives. Let’s all try and be the nice person who can put a smile on someone’s face and be the change that can turn a life, or day, around.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day




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