Setting Goals

Good Morning!

I’m am starting today with a very positive attitude. Yesterday was a fair day with a few customers and this morning we received our first CSA delivery. For those that don’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We have partnered with a local urban farmer to help bring seasonal, farm fresh food to our neighborhood community. We don’t supply produce in the store, and this fits in very well with our mission so becomes a win-win for all.

Every step I take is about achieving a goal and I’m really hoping that I can achieve this particular goal. It’s not much. I just need $300/day on average. That seems as if it would be attainable, you would think. It is much harder than it appears. Yesterday was a pretty good day but we only made $90 in sales, the day before $0. This is not without trying. I’ve done advertising, spoken to lots of people, handed out cards, held events, and partnered with various groups. Most recently I’ve begun a rewards and referral program. All of the things that you should be doing as a retailer. One day, hopefully soon, it will pay off. I just keep plugging on.

I have one other major goal in my life and that is to be able to keep moving. I will be 60 this year, deal with chronic back pain, but can still get off the floor with no assistance. I work out 5 days a week. This is a combination of weight training, core work, stretching, aerobics, and balance. If I had not started exercising some 30 years ago when the back pain started, I would not have accomplished all of the things that I have. I cannot stress how important moving is. If you stop moving your body on a daily basis, your body stops moving when you want it to. I have talked to sooooo many seniors over the years who are in pain and tell me they cannot exercise. Urgh!! You are in pain because you haven’t exercised! (me banging my head against the wall here) My response has always been, “Yes, you can. Start slow, sitting in a chair with small hand weights and move up from there.” Exercise is a form of pain relief, an anti-depressant, and will keep you independent. It will help you live your best life and isn’t that what we all want?

So, now you know my two major goals. The second one is definitely achievable, the first one, we’ll see. I just have to keep trying. Now, my daughter’s suggestion to attaining the first goal is to just drag people in by the ear and make them buy stuff. This could be quite amusing but is just not socially acceptable. I need to find the metaphorical way to drag them in. If I figure that out I could make a million dollars just as a consultant. Hmmm

On that note, I should get working on that dragging in of customers. Thanks for listening. You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see my progress and on Tik Tok to learn the alphabet of herbals.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day!!


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