Sewing May Help the Store

Susan Cwik

I think I may have stumbled upon something that may help get the store really going and that is my ability to sew.

The response has been really good so far and I hope to get more repairs/alterations as we go along. If I can just get a revenue stream from some source, I can work on growing the store. I’ve had 2 repair jobs this week with much interest from anyone who has learned of this service I am providing. Tomorrow I will do another post about it, share on multiple pages, and create flyers that I can pass out to people in the strip mall. The nice thing with this is that people have to walk into the store twice. Once to drop off and once to pick up. I can also put a flyer in their bag with their clothes to remind them about the other things that I have to offer.

Whether I sew something for someone or sell them some supplements, I get to help someone and that matters. That’s all I’ve really wanted to do. I just have had to try and figure out how to make that happen. Heck, I even sold one of my upcycled dresses that I have for sale at the store. These are garments that I made for myself, or my daughter, and we just decided that they just weren’t for us after they were made. They are still cute and well made, just not for us. Hopefully they will find a home with someone else. So far, one has.

It really is amazing how one’s perspective can change when things are going well compared to when they are not. Last week was awful and I was feeling the residual effect Tuesday morning of this week. Slowly, it has begun to shift. Now I just need to build upon that and do those things that can help keep the doors open and the lights on. The rest will happen if given enough time. 

They say patience is a virtue, but I do believe it can also be a hindrance. I say this because time is not always on our side. We have to make decisions that may not allow us to wait for others to catch on to what we are trying to do and this can create additional stress in our lives. Today I’m okay with being patient, last week, not so much. Going forward I will be doing that balancing act of trying to have patience but knowing that things must start to change if I’m going to realize my end goal.

For today, I have hope. I will work off of that hope by promoting one thing that many people don’t know how to do anymore, sew. Hope, perseverance, luck, and some work and I just might pull this off.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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