She's the Lucy to my Ethel

Susan Cwik

If you read yesterday’s blog you understand how my daughter and I support each other through many things. Well, things happened that called me away for a bit as she needed more support than what I could give over messaging, phone calls, or video. Sometimes things like this happen and, if we can, we do everything possible to be there for those we care about.

Have you ever had that one person who you truly feel connected to? When they are sad, so are you? When they are happy, so are you? You just share your emotions across the board?  Well, that is the connection my daughter and I have. I’m not sure how it happened but we take on each other’s feelings, speak in stereo (drives my husband a little crazy), and understand our weird thoughts. We don’t have to use exact words, a semblance of a word, a gesture will all do. She is Lucy to my Ethel.

Our connection could be due to the fact that we have spent so much time together. When my children were young, we decided to homeschool. This left us open to spending more time with our children and do fun things whenever we wanted to. When I started working at our local health food store, my daughter wanted to join in. First it was with doing demos, who can say ‘No’ to a child, then on to pricing and before you knew it she was working with various reps, doing merchandising, social media, and all sorts of other things. When high school came around, my son decided to go to the physical school, while my daughter attended a public virtual school, this just allowed us to spend even more time together. We just had all the adventures at conventions, in Chicago while she was in college and after. The number of theater productions we saw together I cannot even count. Put that together with the many candid conversations we have had over the years and, I guess, it was bound to happen that we would become best friends.

When she decided to move south, my husband was very excited. He knew that now I, too, would move south, we don’t like the cold. We do not live in the same city, but we are close enough to see each other on a fairly regular basis. We also talk every day, all day, so we really do keep in touch.

All of this points to the reason why we can share our feelings. This connection was created over time with laughter, trust, sadness, anxiety, and understanding. So, yes, we support each other through pretty much everything. When she needed a new computer in Paris, I told her to go to bed and I would find it. When I need a sounding board for store ideas, she is there. It’s just what we do.

I hope that everyone has that one person in their life that is just always there. You can work through everything because you know that they will understand and not pass judgement. They are your friend through thick and thin, for all eternity.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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