Some Stories are Disturbing.

Susan Cwik

Saturdays are always fun as I get to go back in time and recall things that have happened over the years and share them. Some are funny, some are disturbing, but they all have a point in the end. Today’s is disturbing and a little about what women go through in a retail space that delves in health, everyone’s health.

You’ve all probably heard of how men can treat women as sexual objects. This is a thing, not a good thing, just a thing. Some men can be respectful, others, not so much. We deal in health and there are products that we sell that are primarily for men, and, specifically, for men’s sexual health. Also, for those that have been following along, you might know that my daughter started working at the store when she was 10 and started helping customers shortly thereafter.

For many years when she was younger, men would come in and ask for something for energy. She quickly learned that there were two kinds of energy, regular energy because you were just tired and ‘special’ energy for those ‘special’ times. She was a smart girl and if they said special energy, she would take them over to those products, and come get an adult.

Let’s speed up to when my daughter is an adult. Some creepy old guy would always come in to buy stuff and if she was there he would always ask her if she wanted to go for a ride on the back of his bike. He was old enough to be her father, smelled bad, looked worse and only did this to her. If she wasn’t there, he was almost a decent person. Then there was the old guy, like her grandfather’s age, who thought it was appropriate to smack her on the ass and say, “You’re gonna take that ass to Europe?” Like, dude, it’s none of your business and keep your hands to yourself.

One Saturday, I had a gentleman come in, I was alone at the time, and he wanted my opinion on a sexual enhancement product. Mainly looking at the ingredients and judging the website to see if it might be legit. Ok, whatever, I do what I can. The uncomfortable part came when he wanted to look over my shoulder while I’m looking at the website. I really don’t need some strange man looking over my shoulder when there are risqué pictures on my screen and I always wonder if he was just getting off on making me uncomfortable.  Luckily he didn’t stay long.

My last one was more recent, happened here in Savannah, and involved a man coming in to ask about CBD. Ok, simple enough. I told him about what I had and left him to look over things. Next thing I know, he comes around the corner jerking off and exposing himself to me. In my best stern mom voice, “You need to leave NOW!” I’m not putting up with that crap. I’m going to be 60 this year and I just don’t wanna see your junk or hear your rude remarks. Y’all can do better. Yes, he did leave immediately and has not come back. Now, some might ask, “why didn’t you call the police?” Even if I did he was long gone and I have a horrible memory when it comes to people’s faces.

Instead, everyone should be like the man last weekend. When he called, he first called me ‘Queen’, I’m royalty. He did ask my name eventually and he didn’t shorten it like so many people do. If someone introduces themselves with the whole name, Susan, don’t shorten it. We don’t like it. Thank you for putting up with my PSA on names. Everyone needs to be respectful like this gentleman.

Anyway, treat people who are trying to help you with respect. Do NOT use us for your cheap thrills and do NOT hit on us. It’s not appropriate and we do not care for it. We need to do better.

       Until next time,

            Have a Healthy Day

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