The Beginning

I start a new day with a plan to tell my story. I am an introvert who owns a health food store.  Not only do I own one, but I moved it from Wisconsin to Georgia about a year & a half ago. To say things are going well would be a lie. As I said, I’m an introvert, I really don’t like going out and talking to people. You walk in to the store and we can have a conversation. I won’t be telling you all my secrets, even though you might tell me yours, but I will be nice and answer all of your questions, even if some of those questions are a little outrageous. We’ll get more into that later.

I currently walk into the store everyday with hope that people will come in and want to find out what I have to offer. Usually within an hour, those hopes start to fade but I carry on. Let’s create more social media content, see if we have any money to pay bills, walk around and see if we sold enough of anything to warrant a new order. That doesn’t take long, so then what? What does a business owner do when they get bored, when they feel like no one cares they are here, when they wonder if they should just close the doors? It really kind of depends on the day. The really bad days, I just want to lock the doors, go in the bathroom and cry my eyes out, and say, “Screw it! We’re just gonna be done. I am sick to death of feeling like no one cares and being by myself.” Once I get those emotions out, then I usually get mad.  Getting mad is usually good because then I get creative. It’s weird, but that’s when I seem to get new ideas in how to promote the store. Unfortunately, it’s been a vicious cycle of hope-deflation-despair-utter despair-anger, repeat.

On my way to work today, I was actually thinking about my daughter, who is going though similar feelings, and was thinking of suggesting to her to write about her days as a nanny and pet sitter. The stories she tells me are really funny and I think people would enjoy them. Then I thought, why don’t I do something similar. I get to work through my feelings, share some stories, and maybe help people along the way.

So, come join me! Learn about my Tuesdays where I watch the garbage man pick up the garbage that’s in front of my store, probably one of the most exciting things that happens on a Tuesday around here. Lol, that’s kind of sad, yet humorous in my mind. But it does happen like clockwork and he’s really nice. Once he’s gone, I go back to wondering what to do next. Maybe a list. That would give me direction. What to put on the list? Social media (eww, not my favorite thing to do)? See if I have any money and pay bills? Maybe dance around the store (get my steps in)? Maybe start a list of things to order? I guess it’s time to do some work and hope that someone comes in so I don’t just talk to myself, engaging though that may be.

Stay tuned. I’ll start regaling you with some of the crazy stories I have experienced over the years owning a health food store.

Until then,

                Have a Healthy Day!!

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