Thoughts on a Busy Week

Susan Cwik

It’s Friday and I’m tired. It’s been a rather busy and exciting week. Today has been very quiet but I am relishing a little quiet today. I need a chance to get caught up and get some of my other projects done. Heck, I even was able to take a 20 minute nap behind the counter. Yes, this is a thing occasionally. I have a very nice exercise mat I keep next to the counter, a shawl in case I get cold, and a carrot pillow (this is a health food store after all, I need a healthy pillow) and all of this gets used if I am just tired. I don’t ever really fall asleep. I keep the music on and lay there for 4-5 songs. It helps.

Now I can finish up my day. I have created the cutest ad for promoting free delivery to our neighborhood. I will be mapping out gyms and practitioners to drop cards off on Monday. I have finished all my travel planning for the upcoming conventions we are going to. Lastly, I am here sharing with all of you the wonders of my day!

There have not been that many wonders. I got to watch someone illegally park even though there was a legal spot right next to where they parked, I just don’t understand people sometimes. Some kids were bored, not sure where their adult person was, but they were dancing and doing gymnastics just outside my front door. They were rather entertaining. Otherwise, not much has happened. Beyond getting my usual work done, I’m just planning the work I need to do this weekend. It will involve a bunch of sewing. Two repairs and a bunch of mock ups for my partnership project with the airbrush lady in the strip mall. It’s not supplements, but it will create income which is important. Gotta be able to pay the bills and keep the lights on however we can.

Ending the day dancing around the store with Charlie XCX, "360"

Just one more day to my week then I get to ‘rest’ again. All of this ‘resting’ is exhausting! Anyway, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and come back tomorrow for story time.

       Until next time,

            Have a Healthy Day

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