Understanding Our Feelings

Susan Cwik

People are really going to start giving me a complex! Every time I step away from the store, all kinds of people come in. This is only day two of me being gone and so many new people have come in to the store. I hope to meet you all one day when you come back in. It’s getting new people in that helps to give me hope that this venture will be a success.

Hope is just one of the many feelings we have. It is that feeling that things will be ok if we have enough luck, perseverance, support, etc. There are so many different feelings that we experience each and every day. The happy ones are easy. When you are happy there is nothing to process, you just enjoy life. It’s the rest of the emotions that are difficult. The one’s we need to understand and process and this is easier said than done.

When you get bad news, it starts with shock and confusion. How could this have happened? What could I have done to change the outcome? Bad news, or a loss, just seems to come out of nowhere. Yes, there are times when you have a loss when it is anticipated, but the timing will always be a shock and confusion is always present. Now, depending on what that bad news is will lead to things like fear, rejection, insecurity, anxiousness, feeling isolated, frustration, bitterness, just all the negative feelings. For many, it will start with one feeling and roll into all the rest as you process whatever it is. You can be stunned in the beginning that this bad thing happened and it will follow with insecurities and anxiousness as you hope that things will change, that there is something you can do to change it. After that, I think you move in between sad, numb, and angry as you process your feelings. You may feel hurt or depressed that it occurred. You will feel an emptiness or purposelessness because you no longer have that thing or person in your life. You may get angry, frustrated, and bitter that it happened at all. These are all acceptable feelings.

Now, what to do with it? Definitely let it out. Own them, every last one of them. Cry, scream, journal, talk to someone, do whatever is needed, in a safe way, to get those feelings out. Understand your feelings, be aware of them and the triggers for those feelings. By doing so, you can come up with coping mechanisms in order to process and move on.

For me, I have had a lot of frustration in starting my store. I feel like I am very much alone in this endeavor. Yes, I can talk to my daughter but that really is about it. There has been no one to say, “Hey, what can I do to help bring in more people? Can I go out and distribute flyers, talk to people, what can I do?” Many days I will cycle between sadness, having insecurities, getting angry, and just being numb by it all. I’ve started to journal, thus, this blog. I need a way to express myself and, hopefully, my journey can help others.

I’m glad we have reached a point in society where we can talk more freely about our feelings. It really does help make a difference in people’s lives. Leave me a comment and let me know if anything I have written has been helpful. It would be nice to know that it has.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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