Wednesday Ramblings

Susan Cwik

I’m not sure what to think about today yet. I’m still tired so things could go either way. I don’t like to take a nap at the store, but today that might be a thing. There are so many herbs to help one sleep but when your foot starts to itch just as you are starting to fall asleep, sleep becomes elusive.  You try to ignore. “No, my foot does not itch. No, I do not need to scratch it.” Ignore and go back to sleep. Your foot disagrees by needing to be scratched even more. You can hear it laughing at you saying, “I will win and you will wake up and scratch me.” You keep trying to ignore, but, alas, your itchy foot wins in the end. Yes, that is what happened to me and now I am tired. I don’t know why my foot had an itch and wouldn’t go away until I woke up. I would say, “A pox on my foot!” but I really don’t want a pox on my foot. That would truly be itchy. Enough of this tired rambling!

As some of you know, I am embarking on a sewing partnership with one of my fellow strip mall people and our conversation really got me thinking about priorities and how we all have different ones. She deals with clients who want things that will impress others. It is the accumulation of name brands, fancy designs, and being able to show others how fancy you are. This is a foreign concept to those of us who are not conformers, do not follow trends, and are extremely frugal. I’ve always shopped the clearance rack and, since covid, I upcycle all my clothes. You would never know that most days I’m just wearing a repurposed sheet or garment.

She is very busy creating all of these things while I sit here spilling out my thoughts to whoever wishes to read them. This is not a pity party, just an observation on priorities. For some, their priority is to outwardly impress others and let their health slide and for others, like myself, it’s about keeping myself healthy so I have more time to spend with those people I care about and to have adventures. In my opinion, the ‘things’ are not as important as the ability to live a full and active life with friends and family. You can do both to a certain point. If you disregard your health however, you will not be able to have that long, fulfilling life that you might desire. At that point, the things you have collected no longer matter. After all, you can’t take it with you and your kids don’t want to have to sort and clean out your stuff.

This is not to say I won’t be making these outfits that people want to spend over $100 on for one day of use. That’s for them to decide. For some, the priority of health only comes when you are forced to do so. Either way, I’m here to help whoever comes in whenever they are ready to take charge of their health.

I think that is enough of my ramblings today. I’d be interested to hear other’s viewpoint on the priority of things over health. Feel free to share your thoughts.

            Until next time,

                        Have a Healthy Day

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