You Never Know What's Going to Happen

Susan Cwik

A very interesting day so far. That’s one thing about owning a small retail store, you never really know what’s going to happen from day to day.

I started my day pulling in to the parking lot with a rep at the door. I really like this rep so I quickly got out of the car to make sure he knew I was there and let him in. He had to wait for me to turn on the lights but that’s all good. I started my day with talking to a person and that was wonderful! He also gave me some collagen samples that I later dropped off at the barbershop down the way. It’s a sample of a collagen gel in a stick and I just gave it to one of the guys in there to try it, pass it along to some customers and let me know what they think. It was a great way to build goodwill with my neighbors. They, in turn, can then recommend their clients to me. Win-win! Even better, I could be that extra nice person and hold the door open for a woman who appeared to be struggling walking to the barbershop. I would of held the door open no matter what ‘cause it’s the nice thing to do. However, it is always good to have people see you do nice things.

Next up, another rep. It seems to be rep day. She was someone who I had never met before but she was very nice, brought me many samples to try, and gave me the contact information for one of the new owners of the other health food store in Savannah. This is very helpful as we could then create a symbiotic relationship to help the citizens of Savannah and the surrounding communities. Always good to create positive relationships with other businesses.

Top that off with another sewing client and the sheriff outside while they clean out a business down the way, it’s been an interesting day. We did get a new clothing rack and a couple of other items for free. Like I said, interesting.

Now, to try and get a million more things done in the couple of hours that are left of this day.

Until next time,

                Have a Healthy Day

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