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Eco Lips

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss® Shimmering Lip Balm 3-Pack Carton

Eco Lips Mongo Kiss® Shimmering Lip Balm 3-Pack Carton

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Give In To Your Sweet Tooth With These Shimmery Balms Fit For A Princess! Mongo Kiss Shimmering Lip Balms Are Packed With Sparkles, Has Beautiful Hues, And Delicious Flavor Such As Blueberry Pie, Cotton Candy And Sherbet! Natural Minerals Provide Beautiful Iridescent Colors That Change According To Lip Tone. A Unique Lip Color Experience For The Young And Young At Heart. 

Unicorn Sparkle - Cotton Candy

Unicorn Sparkle Mongo Kiss® Shimmering Lip Balm lends that characteristically sweet, caramellic and berry-like cotton candy taste paired with an iridescent light pink shimmer. 

Pixie Dust - Sherbet

Pixie Dust Mongo Kiss® Shimmering Lip Balm touts a perfectly balanced combination of lemon, raspberry and lime, reminiscent of your favorite frozen sherbet. It’s paired with a light peach-colored iridescent shimmer to add life to your mermaid dreams. 

Mermaid Dreams - Blueberry Pie

Mermaid Dreams Mongo Kiss® Shimmering Lip Balm feeds your sweet tooth with juicy fresh blueberries and a tang of lemon. It’s paired with a periwinkle-colored iridescent shimmer to for that perfect pop of sparkly color. 

Lip moisturizing— The combination of Fair Trade Certified™ organic cocoa butter & coconut oil and organic castor oil helps to hydrate lips leaving them soft, supple, and moisturized.

Organic Mongongo Oil- a nutrient-rich oil from Africa, Mongongo Oil is high in Vitamin E and other nutrients perfect for nourishing skin.

Our Mongongo oil is wild harvested by women from small rural villages in Africa, stimulating their local economy and making a difference in the lives of the entire community.

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