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Matrix Aromatherapy

Matrix Essential Oil Pipettes

Matrix Essential Oil Pipettes

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These fine-tipped essential oil pipettes are perfect for transferring a small amount of your essential oils and other liquids into smaller containers or to make application of the oils easier. 

The fine tip means they are great for applying oils on Thera-Clip (TM) nasal diffuser clips or anywhere you need to accurately apply a small amount of oil.

They work well for measuring out a few drops of essential oil to add to your essential oil blend, lotion, or other recipe, or simply to apply directly to a diffuser locket.

The tip of these pipettes is small enough to fit through most orifice reducers, eliminating the need to remove the reducer before inserting the pipette into your essential oil bottle.

These pipettes are made from a high quality and non-toxic polyethylene material which will not react with or degrade the quality of your oils. 

Length: Approximately 2.5” (63mm)
Tip diameter: Approximately .07” (1.7mm)
Capacity: 0.2ml

Includes 10 pipettes

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