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Modern Products

Modern Products, Inc. Swiss Kriss

Modern Products, Inc. Swiss Kriss

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  • NATURAL CONSTIPATION RELIEF: Composed of natural active ingredients, Swiss Kriss Herbal Laxatives are formulated to gently relieve occasional constipation.
  • SWISS KRISS HERBAL MIXTURE: Made with the natural laxative effect of senna, anti-spasmodic benefits of calendula and caraway, anti gas benefits of strawberry leaves and anise, relaxing benefit of peach tree leaves and natural flavoring of hibiscus flowers.
  • FAST ACTING LAXATIVE: Our natural laxative for women and men is dependable and offers gentle and effective relief from constipation in approximately 6-12 hours. We recommend taking laxative tablets with a glass of water or fruit juice.
  • DOSAGE FOR ADULTS & CHILDREN: Dosage instructions for constipation relief for adults & children over age 6 are on our product label. Children aged 6-12 may take 1 tablet once or twice per day. Age 12 and older may take 2 tablets once or twice daily.
  • HERBAL LAXATIVE FOR CONSTIPATION: The effective ingredients in this herbal laxative for constipation are sun-dried herbs, leaves, and flowers known to be soothing and satisfying.

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