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Natures Answer

Nature's Answer Citronella Essential Oil Organic

Nature's Answer Citronella Essential Oil Organic

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Nature’s Answer captures the true essence of Citronella in our Organic Citronella Essential Oil. Known for its strong lemon-like aroma, citronella is frequently used as an outdoor spray to repel insects. The main components of citronella are citronellol, citronellal, and geraniol.

Our Organic Citronella Essential Oil is Non GMO, Gluten-Free and Certified USDA Organic.

No one knows more about bringing you the rich, true essence of plants extracts than Nature’s Answer. In fact, Nature’s Answer was the first company to bring you a full line of herbal extracts. And today, Nature’s Answer® houses one of the oldest and most comprehensive Herbariums in the United States. This priceless resource contains over 800 authenticated herbal plant samples, as they appear in nature. Our Herbarium plays an important role in Quality Assurance at Nature’s Answer®, enabling us to positively identify incoming raw herbal material and allows us to detect any type of adulteration, or inferior quality material.

At Nature’s Answer®, our Herbarium is indeed one of our most prized possessions of Mother Nature’s treasures, and plays a critical role in the overall manufacturing process of creating the highest quality herbal products.

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