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Spinster Sisters

Spinster Sisters Hand Sanitizer

Spinster Sisters Hand Sanitizer

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Hand sanitizer is a good choice when you’re making an essential trip out in public, such as visiting a grocery store or pharmacy. For best results, keep an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in your vehicle or in your personal belongings for easy access. Use as directed before and after touching surfaces such as doorknobs, cart handles, or keypads. 

If you’re going through more hand sanitizer than usual during this public health crisis, you may be on the search for a product that’s safe, effective, and has a pleasant aroma. Our hand sanitizers are FDA-registered and contain 62% ethyl alcohol. Unlike traditional hand sanitizers, they have an enchanting aroma made possible with the help of essential oils. Plus, our hand sanitizers contain aloe vera to help prevent the drying effect of alcohol.

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